360 Degree Feedback System

Performance development applies to everyone who is required to provide a service. In a culture where everyone is thinking about development, the 360- Feedback System provides insight into behaviours. One cannot improve without getting feedback.

The 360 Feedback System targets executive and senior level managers in the Public Service. The first cycle of the 360 -feedback system was implemented in 2017 among the Executive and Senior Management group i.e. permanent secretaries/deputy permanent secretaries and heads of department. The 360-degree feedback system seeks to enhance the quality of performance evaluations; to help managers improve the quality of evaluations they conduct for their officers; to them help improve the quality of evaluations of officers reporting to them.

In this process, officers receive:

  • structured feedback 
  • feedback on how they are perceived to demonstrate certain behaviours 
  • feedback from a number of informed others

Individual feedback reports are e-mailed to both participant and supervisor.

Advantages of this Process are:

  • presents a balanced picture of each officer’s strengths and developmental areas based on assessments by key persons with whom the officer interacts;
  • provides a gap analysis of how an officer perceives himself or herself and how other others see them; and
  • uses the reports as a catalyst for continuous growth and development of skills, competencies and behaviours, leading to service wide productivity

Other Facts Regarding the 360 System

The PRDS work plan addresses the achievement of the goals and objectives; the 360 deals with behaviours/competencies;

  • The overall assessment of the executive and senior officers therefore is made up of the achievement of their goals and objectives in their work plan and the 360 feedback from the feedback providers;
  • Performance improvement and development is required by everyone and the focus should not only be on poor performance;
  • Feedback provides insight into personal development needs which can improve our capability; the 360 system is more focused and structured and can facilitate this type of feedback.

Benefits of the 360-degree feedback system

To the organization and the individual: 

  • Better communication with and among managers
  • Improved relations with colleagues
  • Increased motivation
  • Increased staff support for culture and productivity
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Improved management practices