Banded Training

Training Opportunities

Training opportunities are grouped or banded according to the level at which you are within the public service.

Level 5

Executive Leadership

(S2-S1) (P1)

Training for this level builds on leadership competencies and enables the officer  functioning at the highest levels in the civil service to offer leadership which is consistent with the goals identified by the Government of Barbados.

Level 4

Senior Managers

(S9-S3) (P2-P6)

Training at the kevel seeks to provide the officer with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage effectively and undertake leadership roles in the future.

Level 3

Middle Management

(Administrative & Technical Officers)

(Z16-Z1) (P16-P7)

Training at this level seeks to improve the competencies of the administrative/technical officers to enable them to function effectively as skilled professionals in the public service.

Level 2


(Z38-Z1) (P16-P179) (Cat X)

Training for this level equips entry-level officers with the skills and knowledge that they need to carry out their jobs effectively.


All Public Officers

Training in this area equips all public officers with general skill and knowledge that can be applied regardless of the level.

Officers may be considered for participating in courses above their particular level, if the following criteria are met: 

  • They have completed all the relevant courses at their level;
  • They are performing functions at the higher level; and
  • A memo is received from the head of department providing a sound rational for the officer’s nomination