History of the Learning and Development Directorate

The Learning and Development Directorate was established as a separate department in the civil service in March 1967 to help develop the human resources in this country but with a main focus on the public sector. This time therefore, affords us the opportunity both to reflect on our institutional history and to use these experiences to guide our future activities.

With the coming of Independence in 1966, both the scope and size of government changed significantly in order to respond to the challenges of nationhood. Consequently there was a need to ensure that the human resources in the public sector were capable of responding efficiently to the early challenges presented by independence.

In a sense the development of the Learning and Development Directorate has mirrored the demands that these changes bring. In 1967 when the organization was established with a staff of seven persons, local in-service training was restricted mostly to entry level officers. Today, the growth of the organization is reflected in the increase of staff members and the expansion in the number and scope of the courses being offered.

Effective January 14, 2019, Training Administration was amalgamated within the Ministry of the Public Service and became the Learning and Development Directorate.