Discipline in the Public Service is governed by the Code of Discipline established by paragraph (c) of section 11(1) and set out in the Third Schedule of the Public Service Act CAP. 29.

This Code also applies to public officers who are governed by the Police Act, the Prisons Act and the Fire Service Act where no specific provision under those Acts or under statutory instruments made under those Acts applies in relation to the misconduct specified in this Code.

This Code is aimed at ensuring:

(a) that standards of conduct laid down in this Act, in any statutory instruments made thereunder or in the Code of Conduct and Ethics are observed;

(b) the existence of general principles that guide the disciplinary process including: 

  (i) procedural fairness;

  (ii) determining each case on its merits;

  (iii) indicating the factors to be taken into account; and

  (iv) the powers and responsibilities of the investigating officer.

Misconduct maybe deemed to be minor or major.

  • misconduct of a serious nature - means conduct that warrants the dismissal of the offending person
  • misconduct of a minor nature - means misconduct that does not warrant dismissal