Important Terms

Casual Employee

Is a person who is not a public office or public employee and who is employed on a casual basis. A casual employee may also be employed on a sessional or supernumerary basis.

Employment Status

The employment status of an officer depends on the nature of his or her appointment or service. An officer who was appointed permanently to an office established under a General Order made under the Civil Establishment Act Cap 21, is a public officer. A public officer also includes an officer who is appointed to act in such an office.

Part Time Office

A person whose terms of employment require his or her presence on a part basis. Some part-time officers, such as those appointed under a Civil Establishment Part-time (officers) order, are not eligible for retiring awards.

Pensionable Office

The legislation under which a retiring award is being claimed normally prescribes the specific offices (posts) that are pensionable under the legislation. For example, the offices/posts listed under a Civil Establishment (General) order from time to time are pensionable offices under the pensions Act cap. 25.

Other Public Appointments

In some cases an applicant may be holding other public appointments while carrying out his or her normal whole time duties. These appointments do not normally result in the payment of a retiring award.

Temporary Officer

Does not hold a permanent appointment but is employed on a temporary basis whether on a short-term basis or not. Service performed on a temporary basis is qualifying service for pension purposes. A person employed on a temporary basis is entitle to retiring benefits if the relevant conditions are met just as in the case of a person appointed permanently.