The  Director General (Human Resources)

Ms. Penelope Linton is currently the Director General, Human Resources, Ministry of the Public Service. 

In her capacity of Director General, Human Resources she is responsible for assisting in the formulation and development of human resource management and development policy for the Public Service and the management of the people resourcing and training and development functions.

The Role of the Director General

  • providing human resource management advice to the Service Commissions,  Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Departments.
  • assisting the Minister in the formulation and development of the human resource management policy for the public service .
  • performing the functions relating to the recruitment, selection, placement and transfer, appointment, promotion, discipline and retirement, training and development of personnel.
  • ensuring that each Ministry or Department implements the appropriate human resource systems to adequately manage the Ministry or Department 
  • carrying out human resource management audits throughout the  public service to ensure that Ministries or Departments complies with the human resource  management and development policy

The Ministry of the Public Service was created in January 2019, through the amalgamation of the entities (Ministry of the Civil Service, Personnel Administration Division, and Training Administration Division). 

The amalgamation was passed on the 19th August, 2019 under the Public Service (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2019-35