Promoting Excellence

We are committed to ensuring that the achievement of excellence across the Public Sector is supported through the activities of:

Advising: Researching/studying, gathering facts, diagnosing problems, providing solutions, offering guidance and recommending programmes and activities that would assist in the development, education, influence of contemporary management practice, and setting of standards (Policies, Procedures, Rules) for the Public Sector. 

Assisting: Providing administrative support services to all employees in the Public Sector (senior management; line management; non-management employees; peers; departments; vendors; applicants; retirees; families; legal & regulatory agencies).

Advocating: Representing, facilitating, and/or enabling the rights and motivational needs of employees across the Public Sector. 

Auditing: Monitoring and evaluating compliance with policies, processes, procedures, rules; measuring performance to determine how well management/supervisory and non-management employees are meeting the objectives and needs of the Public Sector; adjusting, amending, correcting or recommending the correction of deficiencies.

Through our Directorates, legal and corporate services we aim to continue this support through the identified strategic priorities: 

  • Leading Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Spearheading Change Management. 
  • Developing, Monitoring & Evaluating Standards for the Public Service. 
  • Strengthening Governance Framework & Accountability for Financial & HR Resources.
  • Leveraging Knowledge Management & Technology.

We are also focused on:

  • promoting employee health and wellness through the Employee Assistance Programme. 
  • ‘Unlocking Public Service Excellence Consistently’ through Onboarding and Orientation