Our Vision“The Ministry of the Public Service will be the Model of Excellence

in Human Resource Management & Development.”

Our Mission

The Ministry of the Public Service will pursue and fulfil its vision by:

  • Providing sound advice to the Government of Barbados to facilitate policy formulation and implementing Human Resource Management &Development programmes and decisions. 
  • Providing other Ministries, Departments & Agencies with timely and results-oriented HR solutions. 
  • Ensuring the timely, effective, efficient implementation and execution of decisions of the Services Commissions. 
  • Providing people-centred, timely and user-friendly Human Resources services to the General Public. 
  • Cultivating and/or facilitating an environment that promotes and fosters professional & personal development of Public Service staff. 
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration and social dialogue with our Trade Unions and Social Partners. 
  • Collaborating with Educational and Training Institutions in advancing HRM&D to meet the National Interest. 
  • Collaborating with other Governments, International Organisations & Non-Governmental Organisations to strengthen the principles and practice of HRM&D. 

Our Shared Core Values, undergirded by an unwavering commitment to the highest

standards of professionalism and service excellence at every level throughout the Ministry

  • Teamwork: Valuing the contribution of each individual with whom you work; building highly effective relationships with other people to achieve a common purpose or goal; participating in activities to ensure the success of a project, work unit, department, Directorate, the Ministry and ultimately the Public Sector.
  • Integrity: Keeping our word; standing up for what is right; honouring our commitment to our stakeholders; treating all individuals with courtesy and dignity; embracing and impressing on our stakeholders the principles of fairness, honesty, objectivity, and transparency in our business practices.
  • Efficiency: Demonstrating a commitment to high standards of performance that will sustain and advance service excellence, conservation of resources, reliability, competence and continuous improvement in our day-to-day operations; being forward thinking and proactive in responding to trends and changes that will affect our internal and/or external environment. 
  • Confidentiality: Not releasing or communicating to anyone any document, information, personnel secret, security code, nor duplicating any document or paper for private purpose or purposes other than to satisfy the best interest and well-being of the government’s business, without the approval of the appropriate level of management. 
  • Accountability: Accepting personal responsibility for our actions; giving an account/report of performance outcomes with respect to areas assigned; keeping up to date with the latest ideas, trends and developments in one’s professional discipline; practising self-control and adherence to approved policies and procedures; demonstrating acceptable behaviour and orderliness at all times. 
  • Responsiveness: Demonstrating a willingness and ability to listen to and appreciate the worth of each individual’s perspective and personality; being open to change and willing to flex to a new or different plan and/or situation as necessary for the betterment of all stakeholders; striving to satisfy individual needs while maintaining the highest standards of performance and ethical behaviour.
  • Results Driven: Being engaged and contributing to ensure the desired results of the programme, project, teamwork, and/or individual activities undertaken by the Ministry; making every effort to deliver the highest quality results with consistency and conformity to the standards set.